Have You Been Inspired by (Br.) Joseph Dutton?

Joseph Dutton is most famous for his volunteer efforts on the island of Molokai (Hawaii) caring for people with Hansens disease for nearly 44 years. A devout Catholic, Joseph Dutton had left all to serve the people in Molokai after hearing about St. Damien’s work there. If you are one of the many who have been inspired by his life and believe that he should be canonized, we are looking to hear from you!

Currently, we at The Joseph Dutton Guild are looking to hear from people who have been touched by the life of Joseph Dutton. We would like to know how you learned about him, the main things which led you to believe he may have led a holy life, and whether you have asked for his intercession for anything. We are also seeking reports of any favors or miracles he may have interceded for.